Blog Prompt #2

Erika Larsen begins her “Photograph Not Taken” essay by saying, “the photographs not taken are the photographs not given. In many ways this philosophy keeps things quite simple for me. When I take pictures I become as much a part of that moment in time as the person I am photographing. Their path will inevitably take a new dynamic as does mine because of the exchange” (57). wood_es_graffiti

And Marlene Manoff, in the article you read for class, “Theories of the Archive from Across the Disciplines,” quotes Derrida’s most important contribution as being this sentiment, “archivization produces as much as it records the event” (23).

Going one step further, famous cartographer, Denis Wood, writes that maps are like archives in that they give us reality, “a reality that exceeds our vision, our reach, the span of our days, a reality we achieve no other way. We are always mapping [or archiving] the invisible or the unattainable or the erasable, the future or the past, the whatever-is-not-here-present-to-our-senses-now and, through the gift the map gives us, transmuting it into everything it is not…in the real” (The Power of Maps 5).

Can you create a blog post that puts these three ideas in conversation with one another. Consider how they speak to our class so far? What does this have to do with being a digital media maker? Missing information? You can use the readings for class thus far and our course description to open up this conversation and explore it, but also feel free to discuss your own reality, experience, and understanding of the above sentiments. You can use your own examples, and your own “Picture Not Taken” essay. Considering yourself a maker and a producer—how does this change your approach to this post?

Looking forward to reading these!

As always:

Critical Blog Posts: 

1) Should engage with the text

2)  Refer to specific examples from the text under examination.

3) Pose at least one question for class discussion.

4) Be a minimum of 300 words.

5) Include a descriptive title and relevant tags for navigation and indexing.

6) Must be proofread and spell-checked.



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