Archiving The Memories

There are many experience throughout life that I wish I would have been able to archive and make a memory out of. Not to say that simply because it was not recorded or photographed that it was not a reality but i can no longer live in that moment when i look at a picture. Archiving these events will benefit later on in life when im old and wrinkly and I want to remember when I moved into my first college dorm or got my first car (two moments that I was not able to photograph).

For my photograph not taken, I described how I wish I could have gotten a video or a picture of me moving in to my dorm because how can I really remember that day and all of its feeling without a photo to look back on. But technically, I have a photo (in my brain) that i can look back on and remember the day and all of its craziness. I can remember the nervousness and the frightening feeling that still seems to come over me when I think about that day. How will I be able to explain these feelings to someone who was not there even if I show them a picture? Is this how archives work?

In Erika Larsen’s “Photograph Not Taken” , the example og the father losing his daughter was not photographed but it did not make it less significant or less real to those who were living through it. This is the same concept with the my memories that were not photographed, although I did not get an archive of them it does not make it less real for me that I’m in college (struggling) and on to my second car. This is not to say that archives are not important as emphasized in Marlene Manoff’s “Theories of the Archive from Across the Disciplines”.




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