The Act of Archiving

As we have talked about before in class, being able to influence archives gives individuals or groups a fair amount of power. The quote by Derrida, “archivization produces as much as it records the event” perfectly sums up the influence an archive can have. The mere act of creating an archive creates content that is as worthy of being looked into as the items in the actual archive. Why is an archive being made for this certain subject? Who created the archive? What was considered worthy of being put into the archive? Who primarily contributed to the archive? Where the archive’s location and why? These questions should be considered essential in creating archives that are as balanced and as fair as possible and something that I need to keep in mind as I start producing content.

One comment in “Theories of the Archive from Across the Disciplines,” provides media producers like us something else that should be considered as we create, “Whether done consciously or not, every document represents a careful construction of words, phrases and placement on the page that creates a particular impression”. While this may make creating perfectly balanced archives seem nearly impossible, balanced archives should be the goal that we strive towards to give a representation of the past that is realistic to the material it represents.

To be able to create such balanced archives is one of the main goals of this class. As stated in our course goals, “the work of making–producing something that requires long hours, intense thought, and considerable technical skill”, is necessary to become fair and balanced media producers that people will go to when looking for information about a subject. In our field, a constantly changing and dynamic one, it is incredibly important to be literate and proficient with the tools needed to create. We will practice the skills previously mentioned because we want to become digital media makers of quality content.

What do you think the most important skills for producing media are?



One thought on “The Act of Archiving”

  1. I love that you referenced the “Whether consciously or not…” quote. It ties in nicely with the Rhetoric chapter(essay?) we read last week. We all have a spin we take on something, and the media that we produce is likely to reflect that. How we do that and how effective it is can be directly tied into that rhetoric!

    In fact, I think that is a highly important skill in media production. To tie it back to my essay, I’ve seen quite a bit of media created by other vegans that is quite aggressive and angry, almost like they’re attacking their viewer. That sort of image doesn’t play terribly well into encouraging others to become more thoughtful about the matter. I don’t know about you, but when people are aggressive towards me, I’m significantly less receptive towards any sort of rhetoric from other perspectives on various topics. The same would even go for a hover-board video or something. People love to hate hover-boards but if you loved them and decided to produce a prank video and proceeded to run over a cluster of infants* with one, that’s not likely to persuade anyone to try a hover-board.

    *as in fake infants, but realistic enough to fool a viewer, for instance-hence why it’s a “prank” video.


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