Rhetoric of Every Runner has a reason

The main goal of the rhetoric used in this video is to humanize Ronnie (the runner). People who are homeless in the country are almost treated like second class citizens so the director uses a variety of techniques to make Ronnie look inspirational and appeal to the viewer’s emotions.

From the very first shot and voice over we here at the start of the video, the director immediately sets the tone for the rest of the video. We immediately hear Ronnie voice which sets a distinctive tone of Ronnie having his voice of the video of himself. Throughout the entire video we only see Ronnie. There are no cuts to the director or different narrator attempting to talk about Ronnie’s experiences. These decisions portray how unique Ronnie’s voice is and that he could be the only one to recall his story with the emotional depth that Ronnie and the director wanted to draw from his life.

In regards to the various camera elements in use during the video, a large portion of the video uses medium-close ups of Ronnie’s face and medium-close ups as he is running which, one again, drive home the fact that this video is all about Ronnie. Shots that are not of Ronnie are usually long shots of the environment that he is running in or close-ups of the environment to create an appeal to emotion towards Ronnie and the life he lives.

The lighting used in the video is extremely bright throughout. This is used to show how positive Ronnie’s attitude is towards his situation. Even though he had been addicted to hard drugs, had been in prison, and is now homeless, running gives his life a new image that he is incredibly grateful for, further reinforcing an appeal to emotion.

I think the video is very effective in appealing to people’s emotions. A man who has had a tough life but is able to push past it by running. The story is tragic yet hopeful, being able to inspire hope out of Ronnie’s situation and show that he is not giving up.

Do you think there are any appeal to ethics or reason in the video? If so, where?


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