Every Runner has a Reason

In Odysseus Gambit’s Every Runner has a reason there are several audio- visual strategies throughout the short film that help to evoke emotion and draw the audience in and keep their attention. One of the main audio strategies is the music throughout the film.

When the music is a slower pace and a deep base, it builds anticipation for what is going to happen. In the film, while the man is running and telling about his running the music is slower but when the plot twist occurs and he tells about his struggle of being homeless and “being to hell and back several times” the music begins to pick up the speed and while the audience is feeling sympathy or motivation by what is being said they are also unconsciously becoming more anxious as to what is going to be said next.

Another audio- visual strategy used through out the film is the bird’s eye view. The bird’s eye view is used in filming to make an item appear smaller or not as dominant as the background. The runner is running through this large city and he looks like such a small piece in a big city. Later on in the film, there are more close up and ant’s level shots to make the runner seem bigger and more powerful.

The last audio- visual strategy that I feel is worth a mention along with the other two is the fact that the narrator is telling his own story. This creates a bit more tension and anticipation because not only are you trying to figure out what is going to happen next in the film but also what is going to be said next. All of these three strategies work well together to make an excellent video.

In our groups, we will pay special attention to the music we will have playing in the background because it ca create many different emotions in the audience that they may not be conscious of. We will also pay attention to how often the camera shots will change. We will make sure the shots change often to keep our audience’s attention.


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