He’s Working Hard, Not Hardly Working

Answer honestly, have you ever worked so tirelessly to accomplish your goals?

The most heart-wrenching, emotion-evoking video was difficult to choose but has to be Amar (All Great Achievements Require Time). I say this for several reasons — eighteen to be exact. The most important visual strategy the director uses to convey these emotions is the use of the time stamp in the duration of the day. The time stamp is colored white which draws the watcher’s attention to it. It’s more memorable. It is not difficult to remember what time of the day Amar started because there is a stark difference between the dark background and the white color. The darkness was emphasized particularly and potentially because of a lack of electricity and how early it was! So, white for the time stamp was perfect. The continuous use of the time stamp in the duration of Amar’s day shows exactly how much he encounters in the same 24 hours everyone on Earth has to accomplish their own goals. It also exemplifies how narrow the time span in between his nightly slumber and his morning awakening. It is dark when he wakes and dark when he sleeps.
The absolute most important auditory strategy the director uses is the lack dialogue or narration about Amar. Amar’s story is told without any speech. Majority of the noise heard in the video is background noice. From the rooster to the bustle from the traffic to the conversations in the native language, barely comprehensible. The lack of dialogue and narration shows exactly how little Amar participates in senseless chit-chat that adds no value to his day. The ONLY time Amar speaks is while practicing his studies (at the end of the video) and exhibiting his bilingualism. The reason this auditory strategy is so important is because Amar never complains. He does what’s necessary to complete his day efficiently and effectively. Amar doesn’t even discuss his age. How old is he anyway? It is evident from the tone of his voice that he is in his pubescent stage of life, but that’s a mighty long timeline. Is his name even Amar? These are just assumptions we make based on what we hear, not what we are told.
I chose to pinpoint these two strategies the director used because it persuades us to feel Amar’s resilience, his persistence. Of course there are those undocumented days when Amar is completely downtrodden and overwhelmed, but he still does what’s necessary for the betterment of himself and his family. What exactly makes Amar and his struggle so enticing? The purity of his determination and selflessness.

So again I ask, have you ever worked so tirelessly to accomplish your goals? Those of us who are afforded and blessed with opportunities and better living conditions have no excuse why we don’t work as hard as this developing man. The director outdid himself. This really made me self-evaluate.

Though unnecessary and not really asked for, I’m listing the other major highlights of this beautiful video portrait.

– How he bathed

– When he bathed

– Image of Krishna behind him at various times (so inspiring 😭😭)

– Unusual technique of rolling/bending newspapers

– Food, how it’s cooked and how he ate

– Temperature change, specifically how he needed to wear a large, thick shirt when the sun went down

– Shoes are far too large, evident by how tightly they were tied and in impression at the toe

– Having two jobs but working three times per day

– Holding his appearance in high regard (when he put that cute part in his hair and shined his shoes)

– Takes correction from the teacher with ease

And yes, I typed this entire piece on my phone and posted it via the WordPress app.


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