Every runner has a reason effectively used a variety of camera angles and movements. The short film portrays him as an inspiring figure by shooting him from the ground to make him appear powerful. A bird’s eye view shot is also used to put him into perspective, he is a small object surrounded by large buildings, he is just one man in a city filled with hundreds. The camera pans closely around his face to allow the viewer to connect with him intimately. There is music throughout the entire film, which adjusts tempo and speed with the dramatic structure of the story. The music is a very effective element, it has the power to evoke emotion.

When watching this mini documentary, a viewer will feel inspired and hopeful. He is not an underdog but rather a reformed citizen. Any viewer who knows an individual who has been effected by drug addiction, homelessness, run ins with the law, will feel hopeful because this individual found his place in life as a runner. The voiceover allows the viewer to feel a personal connection with the runner while watching powerful shots of him running through the city. In the beginning, the viewer may believe the documentary is about a man who runs but they have no idea that a plot twist is coming. This makes him a good subject for a documentary.

This documentary helps portray the importance of camera movement to use in our documentary. Viewer’s eyes can get bored easily therefore switching angles and shots throughout the documentary would be important. Music is also an important element I hope to use in my documentary in order to create an affect.


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