DIY: Editing The Audio Of Your Video/Audio

In the interview of our citizen, there is substantial background noise. While their voice is clear, the background noise can be distracting at times. This may be an issue for other groups as well


Step 1: Once you have imported your selected clip, select the desired clip and then go to Edit->Edit in Adobe Audition->Sequence. From here, the program Adobe Audition will open up automatically with your clip’s audio.


Step 2: Once in Adobe Audition, select your clip and on the right you’ll see a window named “Essential Sound” In this window you want to select “Dialogue” and then the preset to “clean up noisy dialogue”. This will adjust the sliders in the”repair sound” sub window, however you are free to adjust these as you see fit and listen to the changes to your sound until they are at levels suitable to you.


Step 3: Once you are satisfied, select File->Export->Export to Adobe Premiere Pro.


Step 4: In the pop up window, you’ll want to select “Mixdown session to:” and then select the stereo file option. Once you’ve done that, you are safe to export back to Premiere Pro.


Step 5: It will automatically switch back over to Premiere Pro, and once here you will want copy your new audio to a new audio track, which also happens to be the default option.


Step 6: You don’t want to hear the old audio files, so you can click the “M” next to their audio tracks so that the only audio you can hear is the edited track.

And BOOM! You have your newly edited audio clip with less background noise so everyone can understand your interviewee better.

I found that this video was very helpful, and he may be more eloquent than I am in demonstrating this process.


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