DIY: How to Razor Cut Your Footage

When you are beginning to edit your videos there will be many parts throughout the footage that you may want to cut or separate in order to put a transition or effect in between. By using the razor shown below, this is way easier to do rather than editing throughout the entire footage.


To begin, you would import your footage and drag it to the timeline as usual. Then scroll over to the list shown below. You will scroll down to the seventh icon, clearly the razor, and click it one time. This will highlight the razor and show that you have activated it.


Next, you will simple click in thee timeline where you want to create a beginning and ending. And its that simple. You now can add another clip or a transition or completely delete the beginning or ending which ever you no longer want.


You are able to click in the timeline as many times as you please but be aware that when you are finished using this effect you must scroll back over to razor icon and click it one more time to un- highlight it. If you fail to do this it will continue to cut wherever you click in your timeline and could potentially ruin your footage so be mindful.



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