Text Animation in Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 1: pick out the portion of video that you want your text to go over. I picked here because it seems like a useful way for the viewers to get to know the subject through her name and face.


Step 2: Create a Title Still


Step 3: Get your text to look how you want it. Then exit the title window.


Step 4: Make the clip you want the text to go over invisible. This will only be temporary.


Step 5: Insert your text into the video.


Step 6: Select your text, click effects (circle 1) and then Effect Controls (circle 2).


Step 7: Toggle Position so that it’s blue. Notice that under the video clip between this control panel and your text that a diamond appeared where the blue indicator line is.


Step 8: Move the indicator line to where you want your text to change and click the radio button to create a second diamond. You can do this for each place you want your text to change.


Step 9: Toggle between locations using arrows 1 and 2. Change the horizontal axis of the text clicking and sliding your cursor left and right over the number in position A. Do the same with the number in position B for the vertical axis. Do this for each of the points in the miniature timeline. Alternatively, you can double click and drag the text around in the preview window, which is why the background image was made invisible. I’ve found the numbers to be a more precise and controllable way to alter the position of the text.


Step 10: Move the blue cursor to the beginning of the clip and watch your text slide around the screen. You can continue tweaking the text by repeating step 9 as much as you like. Toggle the eye again from step 4 when you are ready to see your text with the rest of the video.

Relevant Links:

Animate Text in Adobe Premiere Pro– This was the most straightforward and simple approach I could find, but there were still a few details that I wanted to elaborate on that didn’t feel self-explanatory, the moving the text around in the window from point to point being the most frustrating(I kept accidentally moving the video with Laurie and not the actual text, hence my instruction to render it temporarily invisible). I found the numbers much easier to use.


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