Rolling Text

Today’s DIY is all about rolling text, typically called credits.

Step 1: Open Adobe Premier Pro, and create a title still.


Step 2: Once you are content with the text and placement on the screen, you are going to scroll over to your roll/ crawl options. (Circled in red)


These settings allow you to change the settings as you please to get the desired rolling text you would like. For the purposes of this DIY, I am going to create a typical credit like roll of my text.

Step 3: Adjust settings to fit your needs as a creative visionary. How you choose your setting will determine how fast/slow your roll will happen. I have chosen to start the text off screen and end off screen, should you unselect either, the text will start/end in the position that it initially is set when you type it. The ease-in/ease-out is where you choose your timing for the text.


Step 4: Once content with your text settings, drag the title from the project panel to the timeline panel. Voila, you have created your very own rolling text.

Here is an example of the finished product –



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