Blog Prompt#5: Image/Photo analysis

Choose an image — one that you find particularly challenging or compelling — from one of these three particular photo essays we are viewing for this class (“The Ruins of Detroit,” “Where the Children Sleep,” and “Remembering Hardware”) and write a detailed visual analysis. Drawing upon the readings for last week (“Top 10 Photography Composition Rules” and “The Photo Essay: Give It Your Best Shot”), your analysis should address (1) the key compositional elements of the image, (2) how you see the image fitting within the scheme of the larger photo essay of which it forms a part, (3) the emotional or rhetorical affect/effect the image evokes in you as a viewer and (4) the story the image conveys.

(Remember that rhetoric is all the available means of persuasion working together to persuade an audience toward some purpose. When you use rhetoric to analyze a piece, you want to switch from what it’s saying to how it’s saying it.)

This is due by 12 noon on Monday.

Looking forward to reading!

Be well,

dr. c


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