A-Line Skirts and Leading Lines


I picked Kaya because she is into a similar fashion style as I enjoy wearing when I get the chance. The amount of things she has in her room, invoked a vague feeling of panic in me, with my striving to live more minimally, but happy that she has the opportunity to dress up in such a cute fashion style. Her wearing a very simple themed coord(that is the proper term in “Lolita Fashion”) and looking better than many American people who wear the style made me smile, but it makes sense, because the fashion style was created in Harujuku.

It fit the theme of the rest of the photo essay because it helped show the range of children’s various living conditions and access to resources that children have across the world. Japan has been rapidly becoming more westernized over time and and the abundance of Kaya’s possessions shown to us are a stark contrast against the children from Brazil, the Ivory Coast, and Kenya.

The photograph of the room utilizes the rule of thirds through the toy kitchen, red bag, the dollhouse, and the dress on the dress-form especially standing out. I think it tells Kaya’s story in that she dresses up, plays house, and with dolls. The same string of items also serves as a leading line, guiding the eye through the room, distracting from loneliness emitted by the dark lighting.

The portrait shot of Kaya shows emotion and gives us a peek into the setting that it was taken. She looks taken aback indicating that perhaps someone in the room when the photograph was taken said something strange. To balance the photograph, since Kaya is placed in the middle of her portrait, the two hair pieces are very different in style, along with her handbag being off to the side. These details help lead the eye through the photograph.

What was your favorite thing about this photograph?


Author: Thriftedluxe.com

Eco Conscious Fashion Blogger

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