Remembering Hardware: Photo #11


This is a medium shot becauase it includes Mr. Kramer and his surroundings. This photo seems to break the rule of thirds by positioning Mr. Kramer almost directly in the center. But it could also be that the action of him opening the dishwasher is supposed to be the important element in this photo. There are many leading lines in this photo, all leading towards Mr. Kramer. The viewpoint is almost eye level, but seems to be lower and aligns with the height of the counter top. The background is of Mr. Kramer’s kitchen, and helps give a setting of where he lives. The photo has a lot of depth, the foreground being the countertop and the objects on it. The middle ground being the dishwasher and Mr. Kramer, and the background being the door. Their might be a little bit of natural framing occuring in this photo but not much.

I love this photo because it’s the 11th photo out of 15 and it’s the first time Mr. Kramer’s developmental disabilities are mentioned. The whole story seems to be about Mr. Kramer’s normal life. He’s a very good worker and knows everything there is to know about his job. The photo essay wants to convey that although he has a developmental disability he’s like anyone else. If anything, he’s a better, more responsible worker than most people are.

I think this photos rhetorical strategy is mainly pathos. It is appealing to emotion, although Mr. Kramer has a developmental disability he is just like us, doing an everyday chore like loading the dishwasher. Up until this point the viewer is left in the dark about this disability, and has no idea from the pictures. The viewer is left feeling a connection to Mr. Kramer, and happy he’s able to live a normal life while having a disability. Mr. Kramer gained my respect and admiration through this photo essay.


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