Remembering Hardware

For this blog post I decided to choose “Remembering Hardware” photo number 4. This  photo captures Mr. Kramer in a fasted paced state walking through the isle of his store. I picked this photo because of the effects on the photo, which are different from the other photos.

This photo adds to the context of the entire collection of photos by showing how Mr. Kramer has many task that he needs to get done through out the day and how he may be the main one doing these duties. There is a small pararaph to the right of the photo which explains why this photo was taken, without this excerpt I believe I would still be able to figyre out why this photo was take, put i this collection, and made the fourth photo in this collection.

The photo is a medium/ body shot, it shows movement and depth of how busy the store is. There is also an effect on the photo that makes it look like the photo is speding through time, the photographer may have put this on the photo to once again reveal how fast paced Mr. Kramer works ona daily basis. When my eye first looked at he photo, my eyes automatically go to Mr. Kramer’s face. The lones on the shelves and majority of the background items create a natural line for the eyes to go towards his face an then I begin to look at the expression on Mr. Kramers’s face, this in turn creates a change in emotion from the last photo.

The store it’s self looks very hectic in some places and unkept and then in other places the store looks very organized, which may be a way of revealing how the store runs day by day, sometimes it is very busy and Mr. Kramer has to do everything and other days there is a bit more structure to the days.

The photo its self and the expression on Mr. Kramer’s face creates an uneasy feeling, the fact that hes an old man in fast paced working environment creates a feeling of being in a rush or anxiousness.

If not this photo, what photo would you choose out of this collection? Why?


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