The Key to George Kramer’s Life


This was my favorite shot from the “Remembering Hardware” photo essay. The close-up shot is intimate and shows the intricate details of the keys. The angle from which the photo was taken – on a slight diagonal and from underneath – makes the shot interesting to look at and keeps the eyes from getting bored. I appreciate the focus on this particular section of the key wall because the keys are familiar, yet irregular. They are unlike all of the duller keys that surround them, however we are able to identify them immediately.

“Remembering Hardware” talks about George Kramer’s knowledge of all of the materials in his hardware store. This photo was an ingenious addition to the photo essay because it showcases they exact details that he is able to identify every day. The differences in some of the keys are so small to us, however they have become significant to George over years spent memorizing their details. These keys were included to create an understanding of the work Mr. Kramer has come to love so much. In addition to this, the photo was included after the part of the story when the elder Mr. Kramer turned the store over to Mr. Abraham, who recognized George as an attentive, ideal worker. The photo of the keys that followed this segment of the story could be considered a symbol of the elder Mr. Kramer giving a new owner access of his store.


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