Remembering Hardware

I choose the 6th picture in “Remembering Hardware”. I picked this photo because it shows how much detail goes into Mr. Kramer’s job.

I really like the cropping used in the picture. The photo focuses on just one type of object in the store but does a great job of showing how different even a simple object like a key can be when you take a closer look. The close-up does a great job of emphasizing that the keys in the photo have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. I would also say it is the detail shot, giving us a closer at the things in the store that we hadn’t seen yet in the photo essay.

The photo fits into the larger photo essay by showing what Mr. Kramer has to deal with in his store and why running a hardware store is harder than it might seem. It shows one of the less known issues that might arise from owning a store as unique as a hardware store that carries lots of different types of equipment.

Surprisingly, this photo appeals to my logos. It makes me realize that if keys can be this complicated, imagine all the hundreds of other things that must be in the store that could be even more complicated than keys that Mr. Kramer has to keep right in his head. Its actually pretty amazing.

The photo tells the story of Mr. Kramer and how he came to learn all the intricacies of the store supplies that he owns. While it might not be the most glamorous job, Mr. Kramer takes pride in the fact that he knows every tiny little thing that is in his store.

The text that goes along with this picture also really compliments the picture and it gives the viewer a taste of what Mr. Kramer has to do in his job.



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