Blog Post #6: How to Clone Things in Photoshop

Screenshot 1Step 1.) Start out with a spectacular image.

Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

Step 2.) Go to the left of the window to the tool that looks like a sewed on patch. Click on the patch and select the option for “Patch Tool.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.26.16 PM.png

Step 3.) Once you have selected the “Patch Tool,” begin to draw with your mouse, the shape and size of the section you want to clone. Seeing as how I have selected the area around the dog’s nose, that will be the area, not cloned, but replaced by the area you want to clone. Screenshot 5

Step 4.) After choosing the shape that you want to have it’s place taken by the cloned area of your picture, click on the shape and drag it to wherever it is you want to clone. I took the area around the dog’s nose and moved it over his left (our right) eye, so now he has a third eye. Screenshot 6

Step 5.) Now that you’ve created one clone, you can go on to create many more if your heart so desires. When cloning with the “Patch Tool,” you can also change the opacity and hardness of the patch/clone you have created.


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