Blog Post #7 Web Design: Green Forest Tours

Blog screenshot

I chose the website because of the overall feel, as well as the photography/cinematography throughout the whole website. When you first come to the website’s homepage, you see the above image, but the entire background of the webpage is a montage of videos from some of the places that the tours take place. The ease of navigation is also a bonus. The user has two main options from the homepage which are to look at the different tour/activity options, or to book said tours and activities right from the website. The only downside of this website is that it initially all in Spanish, but with Google Chrome, I was prompted to have the website translated which made everything easier, but potentially slower because of the constant translation process. blog screenshot 2

When you click on the “Explore” button, you’re taken to this screen which allows you to choose which path you want to learn more about. The first is the basic tours that are offered, the second is to take tours on horseback, and the third are options to go zip-lining and walking across hanging bridges through the forests. blog screenshot 3

I chose to look at the zip-lining option, which then takes you to the above screen. Again, like the homepage, each screen you go to have a montage of videos as they relate to the section that you’ve clicked on. When you click on the individual options that you can click on have dotted circles with larger circles around them. When you hover over top of the larger circles, images appear in the middle and describe options within the section you’re in (ex: group tours, discounts, booking online). From this website you can also book the activities you would like to do, making the process smooth and easy, while also providing the user and engaging and beautiful website to navigate.


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