My website of choice is http://www.thisissoon.com/   (found courtesy of google). It’s pretty cool if I might say. What makes it cool? I’m glad you asked.

Right off, the color scheme is unusual. When I think of websites that I’ve visited in the past, I am haunted by the overused blue and white theme, or some series of cool colors. This website is brown!


How exciting of a color, not really, but stay with me. The fact that the creator of this website chose brown tells me that they are a risk taker, and if they are bold enough to choose this color, I will be bold enough to scroll through their website. Also, the color is warm enough that I don’t feel threatened by some neon color and need to grab my shades out of my car. *Side note: the random text on the side tells you what page you are on through words and a graphic*

More on the color scheme of the website, there isn’t really one scheme as far as a background theme, each page has its own color. What remains consistent throughout the website is the contact information colors as well as highlighting certain features in yellow. See below (my cursor is over casestudies in the navigation pane):


What I would like to highlight about the website other than the scheme or lack there of, is the amount of content on each individual page. The content is a healthy balance of text to picture, maybe even heavier in regards to pictures. The content is additive, either explaining the picture of emphasizing what is being shown. Below is a brief example from one of their cast studies:


In all, this website keeps its concepts simple. I think that is what I appreciate most about it, in no way did I feel that I was overwhelmed with information. The pictures kept my attention and were placed interestingly enough that it wasn’t a block format for anything.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What I want to take away from this site is the level of sophisticated simplicity they have. In the past my websites have been simple but had no pizazz to accompany my content.


Things I found out after I wrote this/Other things I think are cool about this website:

(left) The home screen changed with the time to something different

(right) This is their loading page. The dash blinks.

There is a subtle color scheme on the case study pages, the background color compliments the pictures but aren’t overbearing taking too much attention away from the pictures.


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