Blog #8: DIY – Links

We did have a tutorial to read on links, but I was having difficulty with it so I thought I’d dumb it down even more for everyone (because hopefully I wasn’t the only one having problems).

  1. I decide I’d like to have a link called “Citizen Project” and when you click on it, it will take you to the Vimeo page where my citizen project is.
  2. First, this will be the basic setup of it. <a> is the link tag so use this whenever you need to have a link.Capture
  3. Then, you will copy the website address you want in between the quotations. The website text will not be visible, just the area where “CITIZEN PROJECT” is now. Capture2.PNG
  4. Finally, save and upload it to your website, DO NOT JUST PREVIEW IT. Preview will not allow you to test your link and you might think you did it wrong. You have to upload your HTML and CSS files and then your link will work and go to the right website.
  5. If you are using a different area of your website you can just use a local link and not the full web address.

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