Analysis of “Lament for Joe Hall”

I decided to analyze the audio for “Lament for Joe Hall” because I really enjoyed the way that additional audio sources were added into the storytelling. First off, having the story be told from the point of view of the child, and then be voiced by a child is just amazing. It immerses the audience into the story in a way that could not be achieved by having the story be told from the creator. In addition to that, third party audio sources greatly contribute to the storytelling effort. Audio files of sound effects like police sirens, as well as audio taken from a 60 Minutes story really bring the piece together. The piece opening with the sirens gives the audience their first question, which is “Why?” It leaves the audience craving for the details of the story and wanting to learn about the people involved and what happened. To a person unfamiliar with the story, the voice of a child gives a sense of innocence to the story being told, until the story reaches its climax. There was already a noticeable tension with the increasing amount of detail, however, there is still a substantial amount of felt shock and surprise at the climax. These audio elements combined together create a story that is attention grabbing, conveys feeling to the audience, and keeps the audience asking questions.


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