Audio Analysis: Lament for Joe Hall

The story I decided to do was “Lament for Joe Hall”. This story begins very loud with police sirens playing as a child begins to talk. The fact that the police audio is playing plces me and the audience in a anxious state because we want to know what is going on and the fact that there is a child speaking increases this feeling. The child continues to speak going bck and forth between his mother and father, mainly telling bad things that they have done which makes me feel sympathy for the child and even anger towards the parents because they are not very good at parenting. Next, the story takes a turn for the worse when the child begins to describe how he grabs a gun and shoots the father. This description itself adds anxiousness to the story but when the actual phone call is playedd and the police oficer speaks there is a increased sadness that came over me. The wording itself in this audio story adds to the sympathy for example “I had no choice, now I have no future”. The voice echoeing, car alraarms, music, and actual police call all add to the modes of storytelling.  The story also starts from the ending audio with the police sirens and works its way back to the beginning and works it way back to the ending. This catches the audiences attention and keeps your attention to continue listening until the end.


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