DIY: Censoring Words in a Track

This is a very rudimentary method but I tried really hard and it gets the job done, so bear with me. If you need to censor a word, this is what you do:

1: Capture

First you select the track and pick out the time of the audio position with the word(s) that need to be censored.


Capture 2

Then go to the tab and click on Generate. Under Generate, go to Tone. There you can adjust the frequency and amplitude of the audio that’s selected.

3:Capture 4

Then you align the tracks (because there’s a new one with the audio you censored) and play them simultaneously (I’m sure there’s a better way to do this; I just did this to make sure it came out right).

4: And that’s it! That is how you censor a track!

FYI, this was the source I looked at to figure out what to do.


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