DIY: Weird Opening (That’s the best description I can give)

Today I’m going to teach you how to do a weird opening for your sound piece, if that’s what you’re going for.  It sounds pretty spooky, so get ready.


First you want to import the regular, unedited version of your piece’s intro.

Then, you can cut the segment that you want to be warped and put it into a new track.  For me, I wanted the part where the narrator says the title of the piece to be warped.


I then chose pretty much random parts of my intro and changed the pitch by going to the “Effects” tab and choosing “Change Pitch”.  It will change the pitch of the audio that you have highlighted.  Moving the indicator up on the scale in the pop up window will raise the pitch, the opposite motion will lower the pitch.



I did this to various points of my audio, then used the echo effect under the “Effects” tab to make it all kind of blend together.  Right now I’m working on getting it to flow correctly between the left and right ear, but I think it sounds pretty creepy.


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