Course Reflection

I am a writing and rhetoric major. When I enrolled for this course, I expected to write papers with a world wide web ~feel~. I expected to be taught how to appeal to every possible audience that I could find on the web, and I expected it to be a breeze.

On the first day of class, I was terrified. Reading the contents of the syllabus and absorbing what my responsibilities would be for the next 14 weeks scared the shit out of me. It was not at ALL what I expected.

Fast forward to the end of the semester, and I have gained an entirely new perspective on the meaning of “writing for the world wide web.” All of the things I had never considered “writing” before are suddenly the first things I think about. I used to limit myself to textual writing. Not on purpose, but because I didn’t realize how many other ways there were to write. I never considered writing for sound, or using photos to convey more thoughts and feelings than words themselves could. It’s hard to believe I was so sheltered from the ways I could appeal to people through writing (or not writing).

As a writing major, I believe my future will eventually lead me to writing for the web. The world is becoming more digitized, and it feels inevitable that I will end up typing behind a computer for people and groups of all ages and interests. This course has opened up hundreds of possibilities for me as a writer. I am grateful for the understanding of digital writing and archiving it has brought me.


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