Creation Appreciation

Working as a producer in this class has given me a deeper understanding of digital media that I was never able to achieve as just a consumer. I have gained an appreciation for all of the nuance required to create anything meaningful in these various mediums. The difficulty of finding the perfect shot, the frustration of searching through code to find the one error ruining the whole website, the struggle of reading a script and speaking naturally, with every project came a full list of challenges that I would never have anticipated. That’s what makes the finished product so fulfilling though. Overcoming those challenges and making something that you can’t just delete or destroy like all of the failed versions that came before it. Something that earned the right to exist. Something that shares a little piece of yourself with the rest of the world.

Now when I watch television or movies, or listen to a podcast, or admire a beautiful website, I am always trying to see through the perspective of the creator. Attempting to appreciate all of the carefully considered decisions that took place before that piece saw the light of day. Maybe I will continue to create, but maybe not. Either way, I will never again experience media in the way that I did prior to taking this class.


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