Final Post

I’ll be honest, the only reason I stayed in this class after finding out what it actually is was that it was the only class that fulfilled the last class I needed for my Minor that didn’t conflict with my other classes. I would certainly recommend the class for someone in the media production track, but I am still somewhat disappointed I did not get the practice in writing that I wanted.

I am glad that they changed the title for future students so they aren’t blatantly lied to like I was.

While I don’t necessarily plan on using most of things I learned in this class for the type of career I’m looking for, it was pretty fun. I think learning the basics of these programs allowed me to get a much deeper sense of appreciation for high quality audio, videos, and pictures that I took for granted before. This stuff is not as easy as the professional make it out to be.

I also found it pretty entertaining to find out just how powerful the Disney corporation is in The Remix Manifesto.



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