Free From Waste, Free From Class!

The class felt like the techniques for video and sound editing.

Framed in a specific way.

Very short lengths of time focused on one specific thing to keep the reader from getting bored and distracted.

With a specific theme in mind.

So what?

I think these major stand-outs stick in my mind because they are highly relevant to me with Youtubing.

Don’t monologue.

If you do monologue, for the love of dog, change up your visuals.

Also, leave a gap at the top of your head and the edge of the frame you weirdo.

Can vlogs have a theme? A message? Perhaps. Maybe look at the to-do list and try to come up with a way to frame the day?

Keep learning ways to improve your video editing skills.

Maybe glue a pompom over your camera’s mic to make the wind sound not so prominent when recording outside?

A vlog from before this class:

A vlog from after this class:

I think it’s obvious which one is better quality.



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