Take a Breath…

I must keep reminding myself to take a breath. I get far too overwhelmed about things that are very simple. Things I know I can figure out with ease. So just take a breath. Over the course of this entire semester, I’ve been focused — more focused than I have ever been, in fact. I am desperate to keep up this same momentum. I have to because my focus has produced nothing but positivity for me.

Initially, I was terribly afraid to take this course because all the programs we’ve used are strangers to me. Now that we have arrived at the final week of this course, I am so angry at my 15-week ago self. I feared for absolutely nothing. The work I produced, especially with Jack and Megan, was incredible for a beginner. If only I had taken a breath when I was feeling overwhelmed. I could have saved myself so much stress.

I may not be well-versed in all my endeavors, but I have enough life experience to figure things out. I can do it. I just truly wish I had this same mindset all my life. I guess its better late than never. But never late is better.  I really appreciated all the “Picture Not Taken” stories. They made me do some deep thinking. It is okay to savor the moment, to enjoy the present. Group work is also not terrible. Stress kills and creates wrinkles, neither of which I want to come early.

So I pray to continue to speak positivity into others and myself. I will continue to just take a breath.


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