Final Blog Post (finally)

Well, this is it. The last school assignment of any sort I am writing before graduation. It feels surreal.

As I said last week, the course was not what I was expecting, as I thought it would be more about “writing” than it was about…well, writing HTML code. What I gathered from it–or at least one of the things I’ll take away–is that the world of the internet is always changing. In fact, this course would probably have to be revamped every few years in order to keep up.

The key to successful internet writing, I think, is knowing your audience, and knowing your website’s house style. I have been writing for the website Animated Views for years. As a result, I know what the readers expect from the site, which in turn means I know how to keep it going. But at the same time, knowing your audience can potentially make it difficult to find a new one.

I thank Dr. Campbell for her course, and apologize that many of my assignments didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped. Also, she made a wonderful pie. I almost wanted to bring it home with me.


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