Thoughts of Archive

After reading Derrida’s Archive Fever I believe that Derrida means that archive is the development of forming documents, which is proof that you were there because you are able to document it. Not only do you show your archive you but you allow it to be what you believe has occurred. In text it states, “The first archivist institutes the archive as it should be, that is to say, not only in exhibiting the document, but establishing it” (Pg. 38). This explains that it is not just about showing what had happened but it is making it known, making it flourish, and making it grow and prosper so that others will want to know about your archive. In relation how quite frankly a lot of things are beginning to deal with technology, and how we communicate and interact with each other through documentations as Derrida’s says through e-mail. In the past people did not really document things because they did not have certain things to document as modern day people do. They did not record or take a lot of pictures to visualize like people do in today’s world, so it seemed like they were not really there in a way and all they have is the knowledge of their memory. “The picture not taken” relates to it because all she had was her memory to remind her of what occurred she can not show us a picture of what happened she can only tell us through words. Derrida thinks that having archives will forward itself toward honesty because it is documented and everyone will be able to either see it or read it for themselves. I believe that technology allowed archive to be altered and changed in a way. This is due to the fact that yes people pull things from history but it is from their experience which may not be all the way true. It may be their opinion which may have not necessarily happened. Do you think that archives are good thing?