May Peace Be With You…. An Audio Analysis

From the beginning, the not-so-white noise in the background is a sound of disarray while a male and female are arguing with a few obscenities being thrown. These sounds set the tone for the audio piece in Lament for Joe Hall.  The next bit of audio contains background story about how Joe came to live with his white supremacist, nazi, abusive father. The story seems to be told by a 13 year old boy who recounts events at 10 years old that led to him being labeled a murderer. Joe’s story is narrated by a young prepubescent boy that makes the story seem and feel as Joe was narrating this bit himself. Had the story been narrated by an adult male, the story would have felt nearly unbelievable or utterly false. Since the events truly occurred, it was best for the director to keep the voice of Joe in the same setting as the story. The voice of Joe, sirens, arguing, graphic story(telling), long pauses with only guitar chords being heard, yelling, and other audio boosting bits all opened up a sense of empathy and sorrow for young Joe. I could not help but feel sorry for him since he had endured in so many terrible, life-changing events in such a short span of life. It is dire to listen to the part when Joe says he had hoped that they wouldn’t find an illegal Mexican because he was terrified that they would have to kill one if found. When Joe kills his father, the effect this had on me, including all the other events, deepens the empathy I felt for Joe. He did not know the negative effects of his actions but he surely knew he had to protect himself and his step-mother. The way this story is told is dynamic. The breaks add a bit of suspense and engage me so much that even throughout the parts that are inherently racist and rude.

DIY: Page Loading

Okay, I must be honest. This isn’t great and I’m still trying to work out the kinks. So, just work with me here.

I wanted to add a page loading icon because they are cute and fairly useful for the impatient soul.

  1. Open your CSS and add this code to your sheet.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.44.21 PM.png


You can change the colors where the hashtag is located.

2. Add your <div class…..>

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.45.36 PM

3. I promise you it is spinning.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.46.10 PM

I am still trying to figure out how to place this in the container and have the @keyframes {animation-iteration-count} be something that I like. But at least you have this. Try it out and let me know if you can give me some tips!!

It’s Named “The Cool Club” for a Reason…

I found this website after quickly browsing the world wide web. It is titled “The Cool Club.” As the page loads, a white background with large black numbers quickly flow on the screen. Or as quick as your internet connection is. And then this is the home screen.

the cool club

Iconic. In the wake of the 20th anniversary of Biggie Small’s death, his animation is the first to be seen. I assumed there would have been a pattern in the collection of famous people; however, this is not the case. Click on the tab “Discover our products” and you will see an unusual range of famous people. There are different sized posters and decks of cards that can be purchased.

the cool club 2

Sooo cute. All of the people depicted are designed in the same style, creating symmetry. The color scheme is very plain, but it works extremely well with the products they are advertising. A white background and black letters does not take away from the colors of the posters.What makes the site work for me is the lack of clutter or distractions from what the main objective is — the products. Also, the prices are extremely reasonable!! I know the prices are in Euros but it still converts well to our measly ‘Merican money. I was determined  to have some form of alliteration in this post, sorry y’all lol. 

Click on the poster of your choice. I chose Michelle Obama because I love her. She’s so fly.

the cool club 3.pngthe cool club 4.pngNot only does the poster look fairly accurate, it is just outright cute! But if you have noticed, I pointed out the second animation. the cool club 5

It’s an animation of what the poster could look like hanging on the wall alongside another icon. Yes, that is the wonderful Dr. Martin Luther King!! I told you this website is cool, as named. I could promote for them, tbh. They should cut me a check PRONTO.

In my own process of designing a web page, I will definitely make sure I mock how concise this website is. I also noticed that I did not encounter one single advertisement for any other product while I browsed the site. I wonder how the creators made that possible. Maybe that is just how things are done in the Netherlands. This site is composed so well I feel compelled to purchase items from a website I don’t know the certainty of credibility, from an unfamiliar country with very few reviews. A good website must be believable and I must say they encapsulate this at “The Cool Club.”

Go visit “The Cool Club.”

DIY: LOL, Cool

Memes will be funny for eternity. Don’t you all just love the memes of Mr. Krabs? I die a little every time because they are so hilarious.


This is so me like every single day. This effect can be done in Photoshop. Let me show you how.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.52.32 AM.png

First open the photo you want to photoshop.


Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.00.46 PM.png

Next, go to the tab Filter.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.02.39 PM

Open your list of options under Blur. Open Radial Blur.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.03.57 PM.png


A set of options will appear. You can then choose how much of your photo will be blurred by adjusting the amount. The Blur Center will give you a rough preview of how your photo will look.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.07.33 PM.png

I’ve adjusted the number to what I believe is appropriate. If you noticed, I have moved the Blur Center to a different position that will cover my face. Click on the center to move it to your desired area.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 12.10.25 PM.png

Then, your photo will appear like this. To get a clearer focal point, use your sharpen tool. Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 1.17.45 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 1.18.53 PM

Increase your brush size so you won’t take too long to sharpen your area.



Granted, it is a bit rough but you get the picture. Continue to adjust effects until you feel your photo is complete. Add text for the true meme feel.

Thank you for joining me. I am Monae Butler, signing off. Goodnight and Godspeed.

Currently Reevaluating Myself

I have a soft spot for children. I always have and I always will. I desire most to attempt to protect their innocence, simply because it is irreplaceable and invaluable.

A basic human need, such as sleep, can be compromised by conditions. Many of us have preferences for our sleeping conditions. But, what about the people, especially children, who have very few, if not any, preferences simply because they have no other option? James Mollison captured thirty-six photos of children, ranging from ages four to fifteen, and the places where they sleep in his photograph essay “Where Children Sleep.”

What made Mollison’s artwork so exquisite is his use of a uniform and distinct pattern by placing the photograph of the child — with a white/gray background — on the left of his or her place to sleep, which were all very diverse. It was quite difficult to choose just one photo that was “particularly challenging or compelling” because each photograph truly captures a story.

“Roathy, 8, Phnom Pnh, Cambodia”

Firstly, the shot of Roathy is defined as medium — with a trash bag of cans strewn over his shoulder, safely presuming, that he collected and will be using them to generate some form of revenue or income. Though not closely positioned to his face, this is definitely a portrait shot. We learn intimately who Roathy is from this shot with his ribs pressing lightly against his thin, bronzed skin and simple haircut. Secondly, the photograph of Roathy’s place of rest is the establishing shot. This photograph adds an extra explanation to his appearance. The most symmetry about this photograph is the four tires placed adjacently to one another. The structure is weak but the drapes/coverings are strategically arranged for a makeshift window. Dirt fills the tires to make a more leveled and usable area. The one sheet in the photograph seems to be just large enough to cover Roathy’s eight year old body.

This photograph tells a story about a boy living in Cambodia’s capital who works harder than he should. Roathy is prepared to become a man. The stern look on his face accompanied by the desolate sleeping conditions will give Roathy the ability to transition into adulthood much sooner and easier than what I can ever fathom. As a viewer, it saddens me that a child has been exposed to the harsh realities of the world at such a tender age. It makes me wonder if he will ever get to experience having the luxury of sleeping in an actual bed under an actual roof. This photograph adds to the entire essay by showing an overdeveloped child in the midst of his childhood in a “foreign” nation. Not that I was entirely unaware of how children have to live all over earth, it just breaks my heart to know I can’t cook for, bathe them and provide for them all — I can’t give all children a jump start in life. I feel as close to dead as possible on the inside knowing this fact.

What can I do to make sure there are no more destitute children inhabiting earth?