Final Blog Post

As I said Ad-Hoc style today, this class was not what I expected. “Writing for the Web” seemed like a class that would teach very basic information, like how to write blogs or something, and I already have a good familiarity with the internet and technology. This class was not that. I am very critical of school and its outdated nature. There was nothing outdated about the things we learned in this class. Everything from video filming and editing, photo taking and editing, web design, and audio contain components that have general practicality and are not only useful, but will remain useful forever.

Also this had nothing to do with my future self. Whoops.


Blog Post 7- Arkade London

A web design I really liked was the one used at Arkade.London. Originally, I just thought the color scheme was cool. I mean, it is pretty 1

When I visited the website, I found it it was much more than that. The website offers “audio reactive art”, or graphics that move based on the audio. The website allows you to paste a soundcloud link to a song of your choice and watch as the website animates a graphical show for you as you listen to your music. Man does it look cool.arkade 2

If I had to choose one thing I liked most about the website, it would definitely be the customization. The website allows you to not only pick and play your song, but there’s also even customization in the art you see, as you have the option to switch to manual mode, where your mouse moves and clicks determine the speed and content of the art. Very cool stuff.

John Baldessari

One of the most prevalent film techniques the quick documentary on John Baldessari uses was the repeated use of quick cuts. Objects, pictures, and words appeared on the screen for as little as one second, or often even less. This technique, while rare in documentary style film, was sucessful in conveying the intereresting-ness of Baldessari and his works.

Another film technique that was evident in the documentary was John being centered in the parts where he was speaking. This technique was interesting because usually it is something we are to avoid to ensure not boring the reader. However in this instance, a combination of his large stature, interesting room, and the rest of the film being so different made this technique work with the documentary.