Free From Waste, Free From Class!

The class felt like the techniques for video and sound editing.

Framed in a specific way.

Very short lengths of time focused on one specific thing to keep the reader from getting bored and distracted.

With a specific theme in mind.

So what?

I think these major stand-outs stick in my mind because they are highly relevant to me with Youtubing.

Don’t monologue.

If you do monologue, for the love of dog, change up your visuals.

Also, leave a gap at the top of your head and the edge of the frame you weirdo.

Can vlogs have a theme? A message? Perhaps. Maybe look at the to-do list and try to come up with a way to frame the day?

Keep learning ways to improve your video editing skills.

Maybe glue a pompom over your camera’s mic to make the wind sound not so prominent when recording outside?

A vlog from before this class:

A vlog from after this class:

I think it’s obvious which one is better quality.


DIY: Combining Tracks

If you’re editing and have some things set in stone that you know you’re going to keep paired together, such as the timing of a sound effect and music, but you want to keep editing around it, you might not want those clips to get mis-aligned. This is how you put those clips on lockdown.

First, you get your stuff where you want it. Here’s an example of mine.


Next, you want to select the tracks you want to lock into place permanently by combining them. You can do this by selecting the little control box for each track while holding CTRL.


Next you go to Tracks and select Mix and Render. Click it.


And that’s it! You now have a track that’s locked into place. Perfect for if you’re using the same transition or sound effect in multiple places.



This is the initial source and inspiration for this tutorial.

The Appeal of Professor Logos, Super Pathos, and Mr. Ethos

The premise of Superpowers! is a common enough topic of discussion among my friends and I. I’ve spent plenty of time debating which superpowers are the best and what heroes (or villains) would win in a fight and have found it hilarious when some people get too serious about the topic and become legitimately angry.

Superpowers!’s rhetoric hits all the notes of the ethos/pathos/logos aspect. To establish ethos, Ira Glass gives credibility to the man who ran the unscientific(anecdotal) study of his peers based on their preferential superpower but introducing him as such to give his listeners an uninflated view of the man, so if we decided to source him, we wouldn’t be disappointed.

That man also speaks from his own experience and calls it as such, in a bid to develop pathos in the listener. The show also has many other people share their own preference of superpower, including those same people sharing their own ideas of what sort of person would choose which power. The reluctance a few people have in sharing their choice, after analyzing the mindset of the two, to choose one or the other gives an opportunity for the reluctant listener to relate more to one of the guests.

They also emphasize logos by discussing the “stages” of the decision, starting with the initial and immediate decision, and going through the stages step by step.


Which appeal drew you in the most? Was it logos, pathos, or ethos?

The Man Behind the Site

I found Tobias van Schneider’s website and loved how it took to my eyes. I felt that the hard contrast of the black background against bright, big, and easy to read font striking, and the side portrait, when contrasted to the background, to be loud , yet classy. Capture He uses the large font, presumably, because he has worked with large corporations and it’s a way to emphasize that. The links to his social media are smaller because he’s dragging the visitor down the page. I barely registered those links when I first went to the page, eager to scroll down.

He adds more visual suspense by letting the large text go over his face, as if the words are coming out of his head. This is contrasted with his blog, which he’s titled as essays on his site, lending to a sense of exclusivity to the visitor.


Another way his site worms into the visitor’s mind is by having what amounts to ads for things he’s worked on. This works really well with his face because it’s as if he’s the man behind these brands the viewer has heard of.


I think the site really works because of the effect with his head. His image is integral to the site as much as he is integral to his personal brand. The imagery is just as important at selling him as his words. I think that this site is more a portfolio of Tobias than anything else. I think this is because all of his social media is at the top, front and left where the Western eye drifts towards first. If a company is considering him for a job, the odds are that his portfolio-website could be looked at several times and having that  easily accessible also shows that he’s confident with his online presence as well, handy for working primarily with tech-based companies.

DIY: E Pluribus Unum

I’m sharing a tip I found from a youtube video that I felt would be beneficial to most of us using high quality smartphone cameras to snap photographs out of old family albums. The video suggested this for scans but it works for photos as well.

First, you need to open the photo of photos into Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.21.59 PM.png

After this, you want to go to “File”>”Automate”>”Crop and Straighten Photos.” Select “Crop and Straighten Photos.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.23.59 PM.png

As you can see below, it has cropped the larger photo into many smaller ones. A few photos may need to be cropped down a bit more, but it will reduce the amount that you will need to do this. You can look at the different photos by selecting different tabs, shown at the top of the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.25.09 PM.png

As you can see below, a photo was cropped perfectly from the initial image.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.25.22 PM.png

You can save this file as an image of it’s own. Since there isn’t any transparency to this, you can save it as a JPG. Make sure the layer is unlocked or it won’t let you save it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.27.31 PM.png

Voila! The cropped image is saved in your folder. You do have to save each cropped image individually, but it will save you some time from manually cropping.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.27.49 PM.png

If you want to watch the original video, here’s the original link. I followed his technique but applied it in a slightly different manner because I know many of us don’t have access to a scanner or, like myself, are afraid to even turn the pages of the delicate albums, let alone flipping one upside down on a bulky scanner and having to hold it up and remain still while it takes a long time to scan.